The Very Best Intranets

What makes a great intranet one of the best?

In short, a lot. It requires a tremendous amount of intelligent work, planning, investment, and highly engaged executives and employees.

Cisco has had one of the very best intranets for years. But as some there will openly tell you, it’s imperfect, and has been for years. Governance continues to be an issue; there is also the mobile dilemma. In presenting the Cisco digital workplace case study at the 2016 Digital Workplace and Intranet Global Forum conference, Cisco IT Architect Elijah Lovejoy shared many insights into the average Cisco employee, and their use of the intranet, via desktop, and mobile device.

A look at the Cisco populace is a fascinating look into the future of work — a future that is, in fact, the present in many organizations.

Examine the Cisco and IBM intranets (and digital workplaces) in the column “The Very Best Intranets

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